TABLIX is your invitation to experience contemporary electronic music culture from the perspective of one of Canada’s most sought-after tabla players.  An exploration of the melodic potential of the tabla, TABLIX blends the ergonomics and sounds of a time-honoured tabla tradition with the infinite possibilities of the digital to create a new mode of artistic expression.
The Hang (pronounced Hung) is an instrument that brings the sounds of many worlds and
cultures together, blending Caribbean steel drum acoustics with the hollow bass of the South Indian Ghatham and Nigerian Udu drum. It is the creation of Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer, originating 17 years ago from Bern, Switzerland. Each Hang is individually hand crafted with a particular tuning or scale.  The scale Gurpreet composes and performs with is the Japanese Ake Bono​.

Modulated Tabla and electronically processed Violin melodically unite during the Live PA
performance of Gurpreet Chana “The Tabla Guy” and Robert Mason. They focus on creating music that explores the vast reaches of dance floor oriented Electronic music by bringing together their classical training in Tabla and Violin, respectively, and integrating it with computer aided performance 
technology to create uniquely engineered 
rhythmic patterns and a sonically explosive soundscape.